Why We Vote

  • An Asian woman registering an elder Asian man to vote. MYAAPIVOTE is for Making America Better the bottom of the image.

    A Vote for Culture Change

    More than eight years ago, I didn't think I would become as involved in civic engagement as I am now. Though my dad voted consistently for Presidential and gubernatorial elections, I was rarely encouraged to vote when I was growing up, and my family stayed fairly mum about politics (any civil debating between my brother and me, and we would be told to stop arguing). Read More

  • An Asian woman with her dog. MYAAPIVOTE is for Feminism is at the bottom of the image.

    The murdered Imam wore the same clothes as my father

    In three months, the Bangladeshi-American communities in Queens within a 30-minute drive suffered three vicious attacks. On June 1, an elderly man was severely beaten by a group outside a Jamaica mosque. On August 13, a Muslim leader and his assistant were shot and killed in broad daylight in Ozone Park. On September 1, a mother was stabbed to death steps from her home in Jamaica. Read More

  • Portrait of an Asian woman with a pink background. MYAAPIVOTE is for family is at the bottom of the image.

    #MyAAPIVote is for family

    My parents came to America to escape war and seek opportunity. They didn’t come to America to witness a presidential candidate incite intolerance against refugees and immigrants. Read More

  • Presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton face each other, with AAPI activists in the background and a hashtag that says MyAAPIVote

    We've Never Been Silent: #MyAAPIVote

    Missed We've Never Been Silent: #MyAAPIVote Twitter Townhall? We got you. Check out the amazing conversation with AAPI advocates on a debrief on the first presidential debate, civic engagement and the barriers to voting in AAPI communities. Read More

  • Selfie of an Asian woman smiling with #MyAAPIVote is for Human Rights written at the bottom

    Right to Remain Silent No Longer

    You have the right not to be dragged out of your home at two in the morning. You have the right to understand what is happening to you. Read More

  • Selfie of an Asian woman with #MyAAPIVote is for Resisting Erasure written at the bottom

    #MYAAPIVOTE is for Resisting Erasure

    There’s no denying that me and others like me are engulfed in this oppressive system. Everyday we resist the erasure of our intersecting identities and at the end of the day it’s easy to feel cynical about the electoral process. But I can’t turn a blind eye to the progress we’ve made, progress that has been landmarked by the wins of various civil liberties that has changed the lives of so many. These wins don’t fix the system. However, it does makes it easier to existing and even opens the possibility of thriving. Read More

  • Selfie of an Asian woman with #MyAAPIVote is Resilience written at the bottom

    Empowering the AAPI Vote

    When a community doesn’t feel important, doesn’t have adequate resources, and doesn’t feel empowered to speak up, is it really surprising that its political power is not fully expressed? Read More

  • Selfie of an Asian woman with #MyAAPIVote is Seattle Initiative 124 written at the bottom

    Initiative 124: Seattle Protects Women is #MYAAPIVOTE

    My name is Eunice How and I am a union organizer at UNITE HERE Local 8 in Seattle. We are the hospitality workers union of Washington State and Oregon. We represent workers at hotels, food service, and airport concessions. Our members are majority women, immigrants, and people of color. Read More

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