Why We Vote

  • A young Asian woman smiling. MYAAPIVOTE is for progress and equity is at the bottom of the image.

    We are the United States of America

    Whether our families came to America seeking refuge from political turmoil abroad or simply pursuing better economic opportunities in the States, Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders are part of the vibrant fabric that constitutes the U.S., and our contributions to this nation are part of what make it so great. Read More

  • A young Asian woman smiling. MYAAPIVOTE is for racial and gender justice is at the bottom of the image.

    Taking Back Politics

    I grew up in a household that did not discuss politics very often. In grade school, many of the white students were very knowledgeable and passionate about engaging in current events and politics. I did not feel like politics was my place, nor did I understand the hype with politics. Read More

  • Multiple images of a young Asian woman smiling with other folks of color at events and protests. MYAAPIVOTE is for racial and gender justice is at the bottom of the image.

    For The Unspoken: Past, Present, and Future

    My vote matters not only for my voice but for those who cannot speak for themselves. We seem to forget that not too long ago, more than half of our country could not legally vote. It took sacrifice and persistence to make my reality just that - a reality. Read More

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    Missouri's Amendment 6 is Photo Voter ID in the Worst Way

    Missouri is truly leading this race to the bottom. While other state courts -- notably Kansas, Wisconsin, Texas, South Dakota, and North Carolina -- strike down photo ID laws, the Missouri legislature has decided to circumvent the courts, and amend the constitution to make photo ID legally palatable. Read More

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    Because History Repeats Itself

    In the last decades of the 19th century, an American named Wong Chin Foo tried to organize the small Chinese American community of New York City against mounting calls that “the Chinese must go! Read More

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    Not Enough

    My parents made sure to work hard, so they can provide food, shelter and opportunity for my siblings and me. They believe that as long as you work hard in America, you could achieve the American dream. But they’re wrong; hard work is not enough. Read More

  • An Asian woman registering an elder Asian man to vote. MYAAPIVOTE is for Making America Better the bottom of the image.

    A Vote for Culture Change

    More than eight years ago, I didn't think I would become as involved in civic engagement as I am now. Though my dad voted consistently for Presidential and gubernatorial elections, I was rarely encouraged to vote when I was growing up, and my family stayed fairly mum about politics (any civil debating between my brother and me, and we would be told to stop arguing). Read More

  • An Asian woman with her dog. MYAAPIVOTE is for Feminism is at the bottom of the image.

    The murdered Imam wore the same clothes as my father

    In three months, the Bangladeshi-American communities in Queens within a 30-minute drive suffered three vicious attacks. On June 1, an elderly man was severely beaten by a group outside a Jamaica mosque. On August 13, a Muslim leader and his assistant were shot and killed in broad daylight in Ozone Park. On September 1, a mother was stabbed to death steps from her home in Jamaica. Read More

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