Multiple images of a young Asian woman smiling with other folks of color at events and protests. MYAAPIVOTE is for racial and gender justice is at the bottom of the image.
They marched
I sit silent
They boycotted
I make excuses
They organized
I send a text
They fought
Am I fighting?
They devoted their lives to making sure ours would be
We now take that sacrifice for
I want to make a change
I want to make the world
It is still our job to work
I vote for them
I vote for you
I vote for our future
And most of all I vote for me

My vote matters not only for my voice but for those who cannot speak for themselves. We seem to forget that not too long ago, more than half of our country could not legally vote. It took sacrifice and persistence to make my reality just that - a reality. In a country where every institution is deeply rooted in racism, sexism, and classism, it takes strong people to realize their voices should be used to uplift others. To many, a single vote is seen as inconsequential; for me, I see a voice for many. Not only am I respecting the history of those who made my vote as a woman, and as a person of color, matter but I am also respecting the majority of those who have no voice to lend in circumstances that affect them most. I respect that history and I myself want to be part of a future I can be proud of.