Your voice is your power, and voting is one of the ways we in the U.S. to voice that power. This Election Day, we want you to go out and vote, and to encourage your friends, family, and community to go out and vote with you as well. Because #OurAAPIVote is powerful.

Here you will find the #OurAAPIVote Electoral Toolkit to give you all the things you need to get out the Asian American and Pacific Islander vote in your community.

  1. Why #OurAAPIVote?
  2. Why Should AAPIs Vote?
  3. Pledge to Vote Tool
  4. How Do I Register to Vote?
  5. How Do I Vote?
  6. What Do I Do on Election Day?
  7. Share #OurAAPIVote


For many AAPIs, our families were tasked with immigrant survival and bootstrap tenacity. Maybe they gave up everything to immigrate here, maybe they work long hours in service jobs, maybe they worry about their financial security.

Now it’s time we support them. It’s time to vote for people and initiatives that will make all our lives easier. Our vote for the AAPI community will help support a future that supports our families.

Why Should AAPIs Vote?

This is one of the hardest conversations to have with community members - trying to find reasons to encourage them to vote that resonates. We’ve come up a list of talking points that we hope you will be able to use when encouraging people to vote.

  • More than 20 million Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPIs) live in the United States and we’re the fastest-growing racial group in the country. By 2036, we’ll be nearly 10% of all eligible voters.

  • Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders are the deciding votes in close elections. We’re 5% or more of the voting-eligible population in nine states, 79 counties and 102 congressional districts. And in battleground states like Virginia, Nevada, North Carolina, and Georgia, we have the numbers to decide an election.

  • Since 2000, there has been a growth of over 620,000 new AAPI voters nationwide for each presidential cycle. Yet, only 56% of AAPIs are registered to vote compared with 72% of whites. And in 2016, only 49% of eligible AAPIs turned out to vote compared to more than 64% of whites.

Pledge To Vote

Commiting to vote is the first step to the getting engaged in the electoral process. It is for this reason we’ve created our Pledge to Vote tool to help get your community to turn out to vote. We’ve included some social media messaging you can use to ask people to sign the pledge:

I pledge to vote on November 6th, because I am ready to have my voice heard. Will you join me in pledging to vote? #OurAAPIVote

Friends don’t let friends not vote. Join me in pledging to vote on November 6th. #OurAAPIVote

Use our Pledge to Vote tool here.

How Do I Register to Vote?

There are a lot of people that don’t know that to register to vote takes an extra step!

Registering to vote is easy - if you are a U.S. citizen, 18 years old by Election Day, and meet your state’s requirements, you have the right to vote. Every state except North Dakota requires you to register to vote and every state has an absentee voting process.

Registering to vote is a simple process - you can register to vote through an online link right here.

  • Make sure you register before the deadline in your state, which is often 30 or 15 days before Election Day. Check voter registration deadlines here.

If you think you’re already registered, you can check your registration status here.

If you can’t go to the polls on Election Day, you can sign up for an Absentee ballot where your ballot will be sent to your mailbox, which you can do here.

How Do I Vote?

There are so many things to vote on, it can get confusing. You will be voting on your Congressperson, State Representative, Judges, and Ballot Measures and more…There are many resources out there to help you out - here are a few that we like:

  1. California Resources
  2. National Resources

If you are a bilingual speaker (or supporting bilingual voters) and need translation help in reading the ballot in your language, sign-up for VoterVOX. This tool will connect you with an in-language volunteer to support your translation process. If you are not bilingual, you can still send us referrals and volunteer by uploading your state’s ballot in VoterVOX’s database.

If you and your family need info about language rights translated, check out these in-language fact sheets from Advancing Justice AAJC.

BengaliChinese TraditionalChinese SimplifiedHindiKhmerVietnameseThaiTagalogKoreanJapanese

What Do I Do On Election Day?

Election Day is always the first Tuesday of November. On this Election Day, November 6th 2018, you are going to exercise your power to vote. Here are some hacks to get you through the day:

Want to get your community out to vote? Here are some ideas that can help you get out the vote!

  • Organize a neighborhood parade knocking on doors on your way to the polls
  • Text message your friends or use an app like VoteTogether to text your friends a reminder the night before Election Day.
  • Wear your “I Voted” sticker and take a selfie - share with the hashtag #OurAAPIVote

Share #OurAAPIVote on Social Media

To help you spread the word, you can share these posts on your social media accounts to encourage your friends and family to register vote!

Asian Americans are the fastest growing racial group in the U.S., but we have yet to reach our political potential. Pledge to vote and make a change: #OurAAPIVote

Only 56% of Asian Americans are registered to vote, compared with 72% of white people. Make sure you’re registered to vote: #OurAAPIVote

Asian Americans are facing anti-immigration policies, Islamophobia, and racism. Our votes are critical to defending our rights.Use our Electoral Kit to get out #OurAAPIVote: #OurAAPIVote

Only 56% of Asian Americans are registered to vote, compared with 72% of white people. Are you registered to vote? Not sure? Check your voter registration here: #OurAAPIVote

As Asian Americans, our voting power is both massive and vital to elections. Vote on election day, November 6, to make your voice heard. Find your polling place: #OurAAPIVote

Click here to download #OurAAPIVote images to share on social media with the sample posts above, or write a personal post about why voting is important to you!