Selfie of an Asian woman with #MyAAPIVote is for Resisting Erasure written at the bottom

#MyAAPIVote is for resisting erasure.

First off, let’s be real about it. Why vote? What has voting really done for me? There are a lot of reasons to abandon this system that was never built for people like me- a system that marginalizes the poor and the brown while simultaneously renders other identities invisible. A system that upholds white supremacy and everything ugly that comes with it. Why continue to feed a machine that keeps the values and people I live for oppressed?

There’s no denying that me and others like me are engulfed in this oppressive system. Everyday we resist the erasure of our intersecting identities and at the end of the day it’s easy to feel cynical about the electoral process. But I can’t turn a blind eye to the progress we’ve made, progress that has been landmarked by the wins of various civil liberties that has changed the lives of so many. These wins don’t fix the system. However, it does makes it easier to existing and even opens the possibility of thriving.

I vote to resist the erasure of the values and identities that I stand witness to: women and girls, workers, low-income and poor families, immigrants, people who identify as undocumented, non-voting residents, people in struggle with their mental health and/or addictions, Black and brown, queer and trans, Muslims, survivors, warriors, community leaders and advocates… and the people and communities around the world who have passed or bare the brunt for the poor decisions made by the U.S.

I vote to resist the erasure of my family, my friends, my neighbors, my brothers and sisters, and myself.